Tuesday, 24 May 2016

May Day

This lovely old photo of young girls around the Maypole was taken of my Nana,Violet Popplewell when she was about 8 years old. Violet is the little girl in the front, second from the left, with a cross on her dress. Violet was born on the 12th December 1900 so this photo was probably taken in the May of 1909. It is in front of her school which was on Oxford Street, Bridlington and is still being used as a Primary school to this day. (See photo below)

The Maypole had ribbons of all different colours and I can remember my Nana telling me that her ribbon was red. I found a film on YouTube showing how the children would dance around the Maypole.

I have many stories of Violet's childhood years in Bridlington which I will share in future blogs.

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