Sunday, 24 April 2016

An Introduction

     After spending more than thirty years researching my family history I decided that it was time to create a blog about my research of my family history and the 'Moments in time' that I have discovered during that research.
     I hope that by sharing these stories with my family that they will also feel connected to their ancestors and appreciate the people who made us who we are.
     Several years ago I wrote a book about my paternal line called "Moments in Time - the Strickland or Stickland family of Cornwall". I hope to share some stories from this book, but I also want to share stories from my maternal line, the Orwin family and the Popplewells, Tozers and Challis family to name a few.
     I hope you will enjoy following me in this journey into our past and that your love of our forefathers will increase.

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